When your team feels better, they think better, work better
and perform better. When work demands are heavy, lift your
team’s sense of purpose and boost their effectiveness.

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Feeling good at work is not just a nice-to-have; it’s essential. It makes business sense. It’s contagious. And evidence shows it improves workplace morale  and any services offered by your team.

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But let’s face it. Pressures weigh people DOWN. Even pressures from good things – purposeful work, passion projects, promotions – can leave your team feeling swamped, flat or overwhelmed. Experiencing low morale, low motivation, low energy, positions a person at a low vantage point. Challenges appear enormous and issues insurmountable and teams struggle to work well together, feeling the strain.

We get it. Because, while every team absolutely unique, the struggles we face are common to us all. Every team gets tired. Every team gets stressed. But not every team learns how to overcome these demands and function at their best.

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And this is where we step in. We give your people a boost – a boost in productivity, a boost of energy, a boost in motivation, at its simplest, a boost UP. An elevated perspective provides a refreshingly different outlook from which problems look smaller and more manageable and sometimes even disappear completely. It brings into focus the bigger picture. 

We do this by developing tools and practical strategies tailored to your team’s DNA, incorporating interactive workshops, transformational experiences and healthy dollops of fun to uplift, energise and equip them to deal with anything. 

Team building
  • MG JULY 2020

    Helen brought together a group of professionals that needed some self-belief and inspiration. It’s been a brilliant experience both personally and for the team.
    Recommended life coach
  • NF MAY 2020

    The most unexpected outcome was my belief in my role and the confidence of my abilities to accept myself and direct my team with a new outlook and attitude.
    Recommended life coach
  • TK MAY 2019

    Helen Impresses me with the skilful way that in any setting, she somehow manages to get every single person, however reluctant, to engage and learn. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
    Recommended life coach
  • TS 2019

    Staff say that it has been the best interactive training we have had; they gain more confidence, knowledge and willingness to try new things. We have been nagged at to deliver it again – word has got out how good it is.
    Recommended life coach
  • MG 2020

    It brought a management team together and made us realise the importance of working as one and how beneficial to share information and experience can be. Really gave me drive, and a new enthusiasm.
    Recommended life coach
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